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pandora necklaces Accordingly, improvements in left ventricular ejection fraction were also similar irrespective of the individual study drug.Conclusion The benefits of blockers in patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction seem to be mainly due to a class effect, as no statistical evidence from current trials supports the superiority of any single agent over the others.IntroductionAccording to the American Heart Association, heart failure affects nearly 8.26 million Americans and accounts for 32.8% of cardiovascular related deaths.1 blockers have been one of the mainstays of treatment because of their ability to reverse the neurohumoral effects of the sympathetic nervous system, with ensuing prognostic and symptomatic benefits, and different societies have thus included them in guidelines for management of heart failure.2 3 4 Specifically, adrenergic blockers have been shown in randomized trials to prolong survival, prevent arrhythmia, improve symptoms of heart failure and left ventricular ejection fraction, and control ventricular rate, especially in patients with chronic heart failure.5However, controversy exists as to the optimal selection of a particular blocker for management of heart failure, as the available blockers differ in their selectivity for adrenergic receptors and their effects on the peripheral circulation.6 In addition, several of the available studies had a small sample size with a short duration of follow up, thereby limiting their inferential capacity, and published meta analyses have evaluated the role of blockers in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction in terms of clinical and echocardiographic endpoints.7 8 9 Moreover, few studies have attempted to answer another crucial and debated question that is, the tolerability of blockers in heart failure. More importantly pandora essence, the question of the superior efficacy of a given blocker over others in preventing clinically relevant endpoints has never been assessed in the comprehensive setting of a systematic review, as only one trial has directly compared carvedilol and metoprolol tartrate.10Network meta analyses and mixed treatment comparisons exploit the totality of evidence stemming from randomized trials focusing on the same clinical topics and sharing, within the network frame, a common comparator. A network meta analysis is thus the ideal design for head to head comparison of the different blockers tested for heart failure pandora necklaces.